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Mobile Slots

Bonus Rounds/Wilds on Top Mobile Slots Games

There are many online casino games you can play but if you want an easy one, you should focus more on slots games. While you cannot predict the outcome of the game, there is still a certain amount of know-how required if you want to receive the highest payout.

You should be aware that symbols trigger bonus features. Symbols can also perform different actions, which leads to more winnings. With this, you should pay attention to wild symbols. Wild symbols are the most common symbols in online slots.

Furthermore, a wild symbol refers to an icon that shows on reels and works by substituting any other symbol with the goal of producing a winning combination.  Over the years, there are different wild symbols but there are some that are common. Here are the wilds you should expect on top mobile slots games:

Stacked wilds

Stacked wilds refer to symbols that appear on top of each other. With this, it will generate a whole section of wilds on the same reel. Keep in mind that stacked wilds are considered the most loved of all the wilds because it can increase the chances of producing a winning combination.

In the end, any payline that goes through stacked wilds is likely to be a winner. Moreover, stacked wilds also mean it will hit multiple paylines per spin leading to more winning combinations.

Sticky wilds

Sticky wilds are tricky. When you play an online slot with a wild feature, it means that sometime in the game, you will land a wild. It also means that it will remain for the whole duration of another spin.

Expanding wilds

Expanding wilds work together with stacked wilds. The main purpose of expanding wild is it allows the wild to expand on a reel. Keep in mind that expanding wilds is triggered by specific conditions on the slot game.

When you look at it closely, expanding wilds work in a similar way like stacked wilds in the sense that it creates a full reel of wilds with the aim of generating winning combinations.

Overlay wilds

Finally, there are overlay wilds. Overlay wilds appear stacked in a particular shape. It will land on the reels to take over a different symbol. Overlay wilds tend to pop up by chance after the completion of the spin. You should know that overlay wilds do not usually pop up on top of a regular wind.

Final words

To have the best possible experience, you need to make sure that you sign up for There are many online casinos but it will take more research to find a top online casino with the best bonus. In the end, you should not forget to have fun. Slots are easy to play so you should enjoy the whole process.

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