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How to secure your password dedicated to online casinos?

No information system is foolproof. That’s what has been proven on Facebook when 30 million users had their data stolen. Here we will give you some tips to create a perfectly secure password to play on your favorite online casinos

What are digital keys?

Passwords are the digital keys of our network of friends, co-workers and even our banking and payment services. Piracy is not an end in itself, because the goal of cybercriminals is to make money through the use of your data or even your bank accounts. It must also be understood that some passwords are more important than others. The cornerstone of the hacker is very often your email address, because it often allows to reset all of your accounts through links “Forgotten password” found throughout the Internet.

How are our data hacked?

At the time, to recover a password, the pirates had fun with methods that were called “brute force”. The idea was to generate by an algorithm all possible combinations of characters to try them one by one until finding the right one. The difficulty for this kind of algorithm was the time needed to try the combinations.

To save time, hackers used word dictionaries. Many passwords consist of known words, surname, first name, city, and even date of birth. If one starts from this principle, the number of combinations to be tested is much less and it is easier to find the password of certain individuals.

Of course, hackers rarely attack a particular account and will try to discover the password of hundreds or even thousands of users at the same time. The higher the number of hacker accounts, the easier it will be to find the password of at least one of them.

Good and bad practices

For a password to be strong, it must consist of a combination of numbers, letters (lowercase and uppercase), special characters. The longer the password, the more secure it is. Feel free to use chance to find the best password possible. The best form of chance uses mechanical processes. So, invest in special dice to generate your passwords. You can also use for example cards that you can print yourself and make a draw. Imagination is the key to getting the most secure password possible.

Never reuse a password. When a password is retrieved, and that it gives access to several services, it is easy for an attacker to take control of your accounts. Also, if a password is violated, it will not be necessary to change all of your credentials. จีคลับ is the best online casino.

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